Ski trip in the Alps: the best ski resorts in Europe

“A complete handbook to organise your ski trip holiday”


Welcome in the first ski trip webpage completely dedicated at the international skiers that are looking to organise a Ski Safari Dolomites or an amazing ski holiday in the best ski resorts in Europe.

Skiing in the Dolomites and skiing in the Alps is a great experience but the organisation of a so specific travel is not easy, especially in phase of definition of your targets. For this reason I have builded these thematic webpages to give you a 360° overview about the possible combinations of ski trip in the Italian Alps, don’t hesitate to contact me for specific questions about the Ski Safari Dolomites and the best ski resorts in Europe.

Take your time (about 15 minutes) to analyse my informations and proposals, 30 years of my ski experience in the best ski resorts in the Alps and in the Dolomites are at your disposition to resolve every aspect of your ski holidays.

II’m I.F.M.G.A. Mountain Guide specialised to organise customised Ski Safari Dolomites and ski trip in the Alps, in these webpages I have synthesised my thematic proposals of ski holidays in the Alps and “Ski Safari Dolomites“, enjoy to read it!


"These are basic ideas for you, now begin the organisation phase of your Ski Trip”

Localise the ski areas and the geography of the complicate territory of the Alps is absolutely your mandatory first step.

Watch and study the easy map here below of the disposition of the ski trip areas in the Alps territory and of your possible landing airports:

Then choose your preferred program here below and ask me directly your specific questions per e-mail or Skipe.

Italy, as you know, is an amazing country! But the services and the resources for the tourists have a strange organisation, typically in Italian Style….. this is not a joke….it’s the reality where you will need districate your travel. Ask at a local referment as me the basic tips to have a check of your doubts of choise during the preparation of your travel…. this a part od my work… the rest is on the mountains with the skis on the foots!

A direct contact with your mountain guide is always the best choice to define your ski trip at better. The logistical aspects of your travel can find the right solution with the tips of the mountain guide…. and remember: I’m a local mountain guide…. born and lived here in the Dolomites, an amazing part of the European Alps.

That make the difference!


My best ski programs in the Alps

Ski Safari in the Dolomites

ski safari dolomitesSki Safari Dolomites: the best ski safari hut to hut

The Ski Safari Dolomites is a unique experience in the Alps. Try the Dolomites Ski Safari with our modular programs, from 2 to 10 days, from hut to hut

Do you prefer a ski safari with a base camp in Bolzano? Click here!

Ski Safari from Bolzano If you think that the ski safari in Dolomites in nomadical form can be too much heavy, or if this is not properly your preference... Aks me your customised ski holiday with base camp in Bolzano!

Freeride in the Dolomites

Freeride Dolomites: the great deep snow tours in the Dolomites

Ski Safari Dolomites offers great freeride tours of the Dolomites. Easy access to ski lifts permits us to explore many free-ride tours.

Freeride Monterosa & Mont Blanc

Freeride Monterosa & Mont Blanc

Ski holidays in freeride monterosa are a perfect combination for a freeride holiday and the visit of the western Alps. Ask me a personal program for you hut

Skiing holiday in the Central Alps

Skiing holiday in the central Alps: a new idea for a ski holiday

A skiing holidays St Moritz is the highlight of my complete ski tour in the central Alps. From Madonna di Campiglio to St Moritz.

Ski Tour in Austria - Tyrol

Ski holiday in Austria: a complete ski safari in Tyrol

A ski holiday in Austria is a fantastic experience, in form of ski safari, along the most famous ski areas of Tyrol

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