Freeride Monterosa: ski holidays in the western Alps

Freeride Monterosa: a perfect skiing holiday in the Alps! A ski holiday that combine in sequence the ski resorts in western Alps is a great idea! In this “modulare program”, that you can read below, is possibile decide the single ski areas to visit in your ski holiday period. The combination of days/ski areas that your read is only indicative, from 3 to 9 days all is possible! Read before the description soft the single days and then write me your preferences, this is begin of the discussione to organize at best your period of holiday.

Are you ready? Ok, I begin with the description of the possibilities:


Arrive at the airports

Arrive at the airports of Milan (Malpensa or Linate) or at the airport of Bergamo Orio al Serio, better until the 2pm. You meet me at the exit door of the international flights. We have a short briefing with a good italian coffe (why no?) and then we go directly to our hotel in the Gressoney valley at the Monte Rosa (3 hrs). Here, in the central valley, we stay 3 days to explore the three connected ski resorts of the Monte Rosa.



Monte Rosa – Gressoney ski resort 

Ski resort map of Monte Rosa

The first day begin soft, to assorbe your jet-lag, and to explore the great territory of the Monte Rosa. On the morning we go on the ski slopes of right side of the valley, on the afternoon on the left side and If you like we can begin with the first approach on deep snow (free ride).



Monte Rosa – Alagna ski resort

The second day is dedicated at the 2000 meters of vertical step of the Alagna ski resort. From the Colle dei Salati cableway stati on (3xxx m.) to the town (1xxx m.) are exactly 20xx m. A incredible long slope where is possible go on piste or all in free ride. In any case we arrive in caracteristic old town Alagna at the super nice Unione restaurant, a old stile restaurant with the original forniture of 1930…. A perfect end for one of the greater ski slope of the Alps.



Monte Rosa – Champoluc ski resort

The third day on the Monte Rosa we go to the Champoluc ski resort that is connected with Gressoney via the Bettaforca pass. A long system of ski slopes drive us to the main town where we can taste the Aostan specialities. Champoluc is the first valley of the Aosta regione where The people speak “Patua”, a frenc dialet typic of this area of the western Alps. 

Here finish our tour in the Monte Rosa mountains, if we continue we go by car to our hotel in Sain Vincent (1,5 hrs), a very caracteristic town on the main Aosta valley.



Matternhorn – Cervina/Zermatt

Ski resort map of Cervinia Zermatt

We start early at 8am from Sain Vincent and go to Cervinia, the town at the southern side of the famous Matternhorn (1 hrs). buy the international ticket and in only one day we cross the ski slopes from Cervinia to Zermatt and return…. With good weather is a unforgotable experience! At The evening we go back in Saint Vincent



Pila – Aosta valley

Ski resort map of Pila

The ski resort of Pila is the most important ski area of the city of Aosta. Here we can ski in a large and articulated ski slopes all the day until the afternoon. At the evening we visit the amazing old town of Aosta, a original romans city, with imperial ruine and a interesting medioeval strupture. We stay in a hotel of Aosta and taste the “fonduta”‘ a local specialities of this region.



La Thuille – Aosta valley

Ski resort map of La Thuile

La Thuille is the most classical and historical ski resort of the Aosta valley, is located south of Mont Blanc, great ski slopes with great panoramas are a perfect combination for a day full of amazing descenses! On the evening we go to our hotel in the famous town of Courmayeur, exactly at the base of the Mont Blanc.


DAY 8 and DAY 9

Mont Blanc – Courmayeur and Chamonix

Ski resort map of Courmayeur Mont Blanc

The ski resorts of Mont Blanc need minimum two days, one for the italian side at Courmayeur and one for then frenc side at Chamonix. These ski areas don’t need a presentation because are unique! In these two days we have the possibility to se the Mont Blanc from south and then, especially from the Index ski area in Chamonix, from north….. The greatest view of hightest peak of the continental Europe…. a perfect end of a great ski tour in the western Alps!

Ski resort map of Chamonix Mont Blanc

Don’t wait to ask me more detailed informations!


Prices of the Ski Safari tours in the Western Alps – Winter 2018/2019

The pricing structure is easy. See the table before for the price for various combinations of numbers of days and number of participants.

Ski Safari Dolomites: prices

Why aren’t lunch and dinner included in the price?
The reason is flexibility. My clients have greatly varied preferences for meals: some are vegetarians, some are passionate for gourmet dining, and so on. It is best if you are able to make your own dining choices from the many options available. Every day I can suggest the best restaurants to match your needs and preferences.


– 30% deposit per PAYPAL (I’ll send a PAYPAL payment request for the reservation)
– 70% at the begin of the tour


The winter season in the Alps follows this timing:

From the second week of December, the ski lifts of the Alps begin to open but the connections at the passes, between the different valleys, are not all open until Christmas time.

Christmas time is impossible! It’s the peak period of the winter season, is extremely expensive, and, in any case, too crowded with low level skiers. During this time the hotels also do not accept single night stays, which means that the Ski Safari concept will not work.

Starting on the 6th of January, the Christmas season is over, and the ski slopes are immediately quiet. It becomes easy to find accommodation in the hotels and rifugios and – especially – good skiers will enjoy the freedom of the slopes! If you can come during this period, before February, it’s surely the best timing!

From the beginning of February to the end of the winter season (depending on the year, some time during the first two weeks of April), it is the winter high season. This the period popular with international skiers, and during some weeks the ski slopes can be crowded. On the plus side, the days are longer and the temperatures can be warmer than January.

That is a quick summary of the winter season in the Alps. What is your preferred timing for your Ski Safari in the Dolomites?


And last….. write me:

– how many days you prefer for your Ski Safari Dolomites experience (3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 days)
– your preferred dates
– the number of people in your group
– the composition of your group: numbers of skiers vs. snowboarders
– the ski level of each participant

The Dolomites wait you!


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