Customised tours along in the most famous freeride skiing areas of the Dolomites

The freeride ski tours in the Dolomites is one of the best and most beautiful ways to experience the great snow and the italian Alps sides. Freeride skiing Dolomites is easier as you can think. The simple logistics of my mountains permit us to go to many different freeride ski areas of the Dolomites, easy, fast and without long transfers. The Dolomites freeride skiing tours are an unforgettable experience that you need absolutely to try! How?
Read below (in 10-15 minutes) my freeride skiing Dolomites proposals.


First step: some tips about the travel logistic in the Dolomites

These freeride skiing Dolomites tours are at different areas that we can combine day to day from the town of Bolzano. Bolzano is the best logistical base in the Dolomites, easy to reach from every airport. Quick drives to many freeride skiing areas in the Dolomites by car, 30 minutes to max two hours.
Your first step is click and Study the logistical map here below to focalise the areas of freeride skiing in the Dolomites.

Dolomites map

Your arrival at Bolzano - The day before

ski trip base camp

Most people arrive at Bolzano by train, where there is a 15 minute walk to Villa Anita.

Here we will have an initial briefing in evening where we will check the equipment and talk through general organisation. This hotel will be your “base camp” and the friendly staff will store the rest of your extra luggage during the Ski Safari Dolomites tour days. Your experience of the atmospheric Dolomites begins a dinner at the traditional Hopfen Restaurant (homemade beer and bread…. not a bad start!).


Choose your preferred freeride skiing Dolomites program

I have thinked my freeride skiing program in modular system, in short you can choose 1, 2, 3 or more days as you prefer… where you prefer!
For this reason my modular freeride skiing program is divided in three proposals that you can chose in single form or combined together in base at your availability of days and your preferences of areas of the Dolomites.
More flexible at this form is impossible!
Read below the short descriptions of the freeride skiing areas of these proposals and ask me more detailed info based at your period of the winter holidays.


1st proposal: Freeride skiing in the central Dolomites

The famous Sella Group freeride valleys (1 or 2 days)

freeride skiing dolomites

The Dolomites of Sella freeride skiing tours are the most famous classic deep snow tours. If you have a good fitness condition, we can do in only one day the three freeride skiing tours of the Mesdi valley + Lasties Valley + Forcella del Pordoi. In alternative we can divide it in two days. These valleys are generally in good downhill conditions in the middle of winter. We start from Bolzano and go to Canazei in the Fassa Valley. From here we take the new cableways to the Pordoi Pass. From the top of Pordoi we will take a tour of Mesdi + Lasties + Forcella del Pordoi… not bad! In case of overnight, we will stay at the famous Rifugio Carlo Valelntini at the Sella Pass, the oldest and charactheristic Rifugio of the Central Dolomites.

freeride skiing dolomites, sella map


2nd Proposal: Freeride skiing in the eastern Dolomites

Marmolada and Cortina areas (2 to 4 days)

freeride skiing dolomites

Freeride skiing in the Marmolada and Cortina areas, offer you many possibilities. From easy tours to extreme chutes. The best time for these tours is the end of the winter, and beginning of the spring when the snow conditions are better. The possibilities are infinite. Don’t miss the “Bus de Tofana” gully that is absolutely the best freeride skiing tour of the eastern Dolomites, and the classic freeride skiing tours of the Marmolada glaciers. After these tours we have the opportunity for many others as the Canalone del Cristallo or more… I suggest the Cortina area for a minimum of three days because is a reasonable timing to organise a good tour on these mountains.
The Marmolada area is easier combine with the first program for the vicinity with the Sella group.
Overnights at Rifugio Col Gallina near the Falzarego Pass (Cortina).

freeride skiing dolomites, marmolada map


3rd Proposal: Freeride skiing in the western Dolomites

Madonna di Campiglio and Tonale Pass (2 to 4 days)

freeride skiing dolomites

Freeride skiing in the Madonna di Campiglio and Tonale Pass area completes your experience in deep snow. The Dolomites of Brenta (this is the local name of these mountains) offer us many freeride tours along great sides and chutes. The possibilities are great, and can be extended in the Tonale Pass, where with some short sections of climbing skins, is possible to do great descenses!

freeride skiing dolomites, tonale map


Current prices for the winter season 2024/2025

Ski Safari costs 2024/2025

The best period

What is the best period for freeride skiiing in the Dolomites? It’s when you have vacation days, of course! But, if you can have the choice, I suggest choosing days in the period of  February-March because generally the consolidation of the snow grounds is better in the second part of the winter.


Some important suggestions

The freeride is a ski activity very personal, every client has a different level of ski and different perspective. For this reason I don’t propose you a standard program, but offer general information about the freeride skiing Dolomites areas. Contact me your trip ideas and preferences.
Together, we will build your “personal program”.

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