Ski Safari Dolomites: modular skisafari treks, from hut to hut

The Central Dolomites ski emotions

The Ski Safari Dolomites is a unique experience in the realm of international skiing! With the ski safari dolomites tour choice that you prefer (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 days), a fantastic Dolomites ski holiday awaits you. We will spend 5-6 hours daily on the ski slopes and ski lifts, enjoying many different ski areas and the exploration of the Dolomites region across passes and through valleys.

Please take 20 minutes of your time to read this basic information about the different combinations of Ski Safari Dolomites. Then write to me with your preferences and your questions.

The connected ski resorts of the Dolomiti Superski comprise the greatest labyrinth of ski slopes in the whole world. You will start your Ski Safari Dolomites from Bolzano (easy to reach by air and train), go as far as Cortina, and come back again on an elaborate figure-8-shaped route (you repeat only 4 ski slopes where the tour route crosses in the middle). You will get to experience a stunningly beautiful mountain environment along with the most characteristic valleys and villages of the Dolomites.

Dolomites Ski Safari map

Click here to download : this panoramic map in PDF of the Dolomiti Superski ski areas

How to get to Bolzano, the starting point of the Ski Safari Dolomites?

It’s easy to get to Bolzano: read my travel Information PDF file that you can download free at this link, or see the same information online here. This will help you choose the best combination of flights and trains.

Bolzano is located along the Brennero railway, the most important railroad line in Europe connecting northern Europe with the Mediterranean area. The number of daily trains depends on the season, but generally there are from 7 to 10 trains at different times each day.

I always suggest that my clients email me their landing time and airport, so I can check the Trenitalia website and suggest the best combination for them. Do request this assistance from me, because giving you the right information to make your travel easy is part of every tour package I offer!

Alternatively, you can ask me to provide personal airport transfer services with my car for you and your party (max 4 persons). One-way trip cost:
– 250 Euro: for Verona, Innsbruck
– 300 Euro: for Milan, Bergamo, Venice
How can I carry my luggage day by day during the Ski Safari Dolomites?

And now there are two logical solutions fro the Ski Safari Dolomites:

A) For a big group (from 6 to 12 people)

I can arrange a mini-bus service that will carry our luggage every day from hotel to hotel. This is a good option only for a big group because the average cost of this service is 200 Euro/day.

B) For small group (from 1 to 5 people)

Prepare the essential backpack that you can see in the photo below, with the small survival kit for hotel.

Ski Safari Dolomites: the list of you backpack

This is my suggested composition for your backpack for seven days of Ski Safari Dolomites: Clothing for downhill skiing (helmet required)
6. From 20 L. to max 25 L. backpack (easy to carry on chairlifts)
7. Toothpaste and toothbrush
8. Two sweaters or fleeces
9. Two t-shirts
10. Underwear for the number of days
11. Light gym shoes or similar
12. Sets of socks
13. Sports pants or jeans
14.15.16. Your own (or rental) ski equipment

For the Ski Safari Dolomites, what is better: my skis or rental skis?

The easier and sometimes cheaper solution (when taking into account the extra charges from your airline for extra and oversize luggage) is to bring only your ski boots and rent skis and poles here in the Dolomites. On the first day of the Ski Safari Dolomites we can visit the K&K sport shop, located exactly at our starting point. Then, on the last day, I can facilitate the return your ski gear.
However, if you prefer to bring your personal skis equipment, why not?

Ski Safari Dolomites: my ski

The Ski Safari Dolomites tour that I designed for you (described below) is the result of my 30-years experience and knowledge of my mountains and this region.

The Dolomites Ski Safari is an authentic and unique “ski exploration trip!”


Your arrive at Bolzano

You will arrive at Bolzano (probably) by train, you will walk 10 minutes to the Hotel Figl, here we will have the organizative briefing on the evening where we will check the equipment and the general organization. This hotel will be your “base camp” and the friendly staff will store the rest of your extra luggage during the Ski Safari Dolomites tour days. You will begin your experience in the atmosphere of the Dolomites with a dinner at the traditional Hopfen Restaurant (homemade beer and bread…. not a bad start!).

Ski Safari Dolomites – DAY 1

From Bolzano to Sella Pass

Ski Safari Dolomites: The Seiser Alm ski area

The Ski Safari Dolomites starts from Bolzano at 0730 on the local skibus and we arrive at the Seiser Alm Cableway Station at 0830. Here we can rent skis at the K&K sport shop, if needed. In the morning we traverse the sunny ski area of Seiser Alm, on a very extended plateau, then we ski downhill into Val Gardena to the town of Ortisei. Next we continue up in the other side of the valley on the Seceda/Rasciesa ski area and descend to the town of St. Christina. Then we continue on the Ciampinoi ski area along the famous slope “Sasslong”, and finally arrive at Sella Pass. Here we overnight at Rifugio Carlo Valentini or at another rifugio. (about 5-6 hours of skiing).

Ski Safari Dolomites – DAY 2

From Sella pass to Sottoguda/Alleghe

Ski Safari Dolomites: the Marmolada ski area

The second day of the Ski Safari Dolomites is an exploration of the central part of the Dolomites. From the Rifugio Valentini, we descend to Lupo Bianco junction and continue to Pordoi pass, descend to the town of Arabba and continue up to Padon pass. We descend at Malga Ciapela and from there we take three long cableways to the top of the Marmolada. This is the tallest mountain in the Dolomites (3,365 m. = 11,040 ft.). We enjoy the rarified view for 10 minutes and then start down an extended downhill run of about 2000 vertical meters to Malga Ciapela and continue along the impressive Sottoguda canyon to the typical regional town of Sottoguda. We overnight at the La Montanara Hotel or in another hotel at the lake of Alleghe. (about 6 hours of skiing).

Ski Safari Dolomites – DAY 3

From Sottoguda/Alleghe to Cortina

Ski Safari Dolomites: the Civetta ski area

We start the day with 20 minutes on the local skibus to get to Alleghe. From the center of the town of Alleghe we take the first cableway of the Civetta ski area. This is the quietest day of the Ski Safari Dolomites because the Civetta ski area is popular mostly with local Italian skiers. Here we traverse unforgettable landscapes near the impressive north wall of the Civetta peak. When we arrive in Pescul, we take the local skibus to the Averau ski area (20 min). At this ski area we cross the Averau to the famous 5 Torri ski area, and, after enjoying those slopes, we take the skibus to Cortina. We overnight in Cortina or at Rifugio Col Gallina at Passo Falzarego(about 5 hours of skiing).

Ski Safari Dolomites – DAY 4

The three ski areas of Cortina: Tofane + Faloria + Cristallo

Ski Safari Dolomites: the Cinque Torri Cortina ski area

The fourth day of the Ski Safari Dolomites is completely dedicated to the three ski areas of Cortina. In the morning we start with the Tofana ski area, the largest ski area of Cortina and home to the famous Black slope of the Canalone di Tofana. Then, in the afternoon, we go to the opposite side of town, first to the ski area of Faloria and then to the Cristallo ski area. We overnight in Cortina or at Rifugio Col Gallina at Passo Falzarego(about 6 hours of skiing)

Ski Safari Dolomites – DAY 5

The ski areas of the Badia valley

Ski Safari Dolomites: the Sasc dl Crusc ski area

From Cortina, the Ski Safari Dolomites continues along the large Badia Valley ski area. This is one the most extended ski areas in the Dolomites. On this day, we’ll traverse these long slopes from east to west. We begin with the incredibly long ski slope of the Lagazuoi, which ends with a short flat section with a horse-aided transfer … Yeah! You read that right … Horse transfer! We’ll end the day at the Sanctuary of the Sass dl Crush. This holy area was a pagan Sanctuary before the Christian era and the church and pilgrim hostel that we see today were built in the medieval period. We overnight in a hotel in Corvara. (about 6 hours of skiing)

Ski Safari Dolomites – DAY 6

The ski areas of the Fassa valley

Ski Safari Dolomites: the Rifugio Valentini at Sella Pass

The first goal of the Ski Safari Dolomites on this morning is the Gardena pass, following which we head downhill to Selva in the Gardena valley and then arrive again at Sella pass, from where we descend to Canazei in the Fassa Valley.
Five minutes on the ski bus connects the three ski areas of the Collac, Giumela and Buffaure. We finish this long day at the super panoramic Rifugio Baita Cuz. (about 7 hours of skiing)

Ski Safari Dolomites – DAY 7

The ski areas of Predazzo, Pampeago and Obereggen

Ski Safari Dolomites: the restaurant at the Marmolada cableway

This is the last day of the full Ski Safari Dolomites. We enjoy the last sunshine from the windows of the Baita Cuz during breakfast and then we take the first long downhill slope to Pozza di Fassa. 15 minutes of ski bus takes us to the three ski areas of Predazzo, Pampeago and Obereggen. It’s a mellow day to enjoy life and see the final panoramas of the Dolomites. From Obereggen, we take the local ski bus and in 40 minutes are back in Bolzano. There we’ll have time to visit the famous “Otzi” ice mummy museum and have a last dinner at the traditional Ca de Bezzi restaurant (open from 1404….. 88 years before the discovery of America…..). Not a bad end to a great ski week! (about 4 hours of skiing)


Your departure from Bolzano

Are you overwhelmed by your excellent Dolomites Ski Safari experience? If so, it’s time to return home and tell your friends all about this unique Ski Vacation Adventure! They will be jealous!



The pricing structure is easy. See the table before for the price for various combinations of numbers of days and number of participants.

Ski Safari Dolomites: Prices

Why aren’t lunch and dinner included in the price?
The reason is flexibility. My clients have greatly varied preferences for meals: some are vegetarians, some are passionate for gourmet dining, and so on. It is best if you are able to make your own dining choices from the many options available. Every day I can suggest the best restaurants to match your needs and preferences.


– 30% deposit per PAYPAL (I’ll send a PAYPAL payment request for the reservation)
– 70% at the begin of the tour

What is the best period for the Ski Safari Dolomites? It’s when you have vacation days, of course! But, if you have the choice, I suggest choosing days in the period of January 6 to 31. Why?

The winter season in the Dolomites follows this timing:

From the second week of December, the ski lifts of the Dolomites begin to open but the connections at the passes, between the different valleys, are not all open until Christmas time.

Christmas time is impossible! It’s the peak period of the winter season, is extremely expensive, and, in any case, too crowded with low level skiers. During this time the hotels also do not accept single night stays, which means that the Ski Safari concept will not work.

Starting on the 6th of January, the Christmas season is over, and the ski slopes are immediately quiet. It becomes easy to find accommodation in the hotels and rifugios and – especially – good skiers will enjoy the freedom of the slopes! If you can come during this period, before February, it’s surely the best timing!

From the beginning of February to the end of the winter season (depending on the year, some time during the first two weeks of April), it is the winter high season. This the period popular with international skiers, and during some weeks the ski slopes can be crowded. On the plus side, the days are longer and the temperatures can be warmer than January.

That is a quick summary of the winter season in the Dolomites. What is your preferred timing for your Ski Safari in the Dolomites?

And last….. write me:

– how many days you prefer for your Ski Safari Dolomites experience (3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 days)
– your preferred dates
– the number of people in your group
– the composition of your group: numbers of skiers vs. snowboarders
– the ski level of each participant

The Ski Safari Dolomites wait you!

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